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Nice one, tight resource management with survival strategy. Until the light takes us!

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One of my favorite game in the jam!

Own engine? Take a look at Godot. It can play sound files. You might save some time and make more awesome games. 

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Really cool concept! I love how the fire has two radii, the "light" radius and the "dark/inverted".  Super clear and clean way to represent 2 light levels. I had a great emergent moment where I panicked and dropped my ax somewhere and the fired died down so I had to use the torch to go out and find it again.

Minor UX quibble: Why X and C? Surely Z and X make more sense?

Slightly larger UX quibble: I had a hard time determining how far my throw was going to reach. The two ways I could see fixing this is having a projected landing spot when you hold down the throw button and execute the throw upon release. Or you could just make the throw more forgiving when you throw a log onto the fire ;)


Reamber to add a link next time, i took some time to find :-)

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can you link to the ludum dare page please?


that was so cool!

Please write the controls in the game description.



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nice game!

those taking-down-trees-animation is really satisfying :D

Also a great idea to put the next hint into the game over screen.