Ever wanted to be a love guru? Too bad. You're boring, generic, and no one likes you. At this rate, you'll never find love, and die sad and alone.

Not to worry, though, because it's time for speed-dating! To win the ladies' hearts, you must figure out what things they like as soon as possible! Work hard, and you might just become a master dater.

- All the INTENSE ACTION of roguelikes with all the PRESTIGE of dating simulators!
- Random Girl Generation (trademark): Over 200 possible girls to date!
- Engage in ACTION-PACKED CONVERSATIONS. Answer questions! Ask your own questions!
- Collect items to help you in your quest!

Watch out, though. Some girls are dangerous, and it would be better not to engage them...


  • PhaserJS
  • Paint.NET
  • FLStudio


    Source Code 15 MB